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BSE Lingers for Producers


Canada's beef producers still feeling the impact of mad cow disease.


Canada's beef producers are still feeling the economic impact eight years after mad cow disease was discovered in Alberta.

The Canadian Beef Export Federation says regaining lost markets has been the biggest challenge.

It says Canada now exports to 74 countries -- down from more than 100 before mad cow hit.

In 2002 -- the year before the crisis -- Canada shipped 518 thousand tonnes of beef worth 2.1 billion dollars.

Last year, 422 thousand tonnes worth 1 and a half billion dollars were exported.


Agri-business giant Cargill is selling a new product it says can improve safety on farms.

The product called SafetySense was developed by the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association.

It is designed to help farm owners establish a safety program that takes into account the realities of their own operations.

The program offers advice on dealing with potential hazards such as heavy equipment, powerful machinery, dangerous chemicals and workshop tools.


The Canadian Wheat Board claims a grain study by the Western Wheatgrowers Association is flawed.

The Wheatgrowers say the open market in the U-S outperformed the wheat board on grain prices.

But the board says the study compared wheat prices of a product that was not available in any significant quantity.


High water has killed some wild rice crops in northern Saskatchewan.

Producer Lynn Riese was anticipating a bumper crop -- but those dreams vanished with the rising floodwaters.

He says the expected crop is now in the bottom of the lake, and he is not alone as other farmers are reporting the same problems.



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