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Agriculture Report

Keady Livestock Report


Prices from Tuesday at the Keady Market.


At the Keady Tuesday livestock sale, 812 head of stockers, feeders, cows and bulls were on offer.

Good quality replacement cattle sold on strong demand at higher prices.

Steer Calves up to 600 pounds sold up a dollar 31 per pound and heifers to a dollar 10..

Steers from 600 to 800 pounds sold up to a dollar 17 per pound and the same range in heifers traded to a dollar 7.

Yearling steers up to 1050 pounds sold from 97 cents to a dollar 7 and the same in heifers traded up to 98.

Cull cows sold at fully steady prices from 34 to 46 cents per pound and cull bulls sold up to 54.

At the hog barn, 56 dollar calves were on offer, selling at higher prices.

Holstein male calves, weighing over 100 pounds sold from ninety to 150 dollars apiece.

Nanny goats sold to 130 dollars and billy goats reached 170.

At the small animal sale, mixed ducks sold to five dollars per bird, roosters reached the six dollar mark and rabbits topped out at seven.


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