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Agriculture turning greener colour.


The image of the jolly green giant standing in a field really does reflect agriculture today.

A survey by Farm Credit Canada shows that 60 per cent of those asked in the Agri business and Agri food sector are considering  the use of more environmentally friendly management practices.

Brenda Frank is the Senior Director of Strategy of FCC and says today's green economy allows producers to make their business more environmentally friendly.

Frank says many producers are now practicing something she calls the triple bottom line approach factoring in people, profit and the planet into their success criteria.


Cattle numbers in Canada continue to drop and cull rates are on the rise, but prices are not responding as quickly as farmers would like.

Anne Dunford of Gateway Livestock says the numbers are dropping from a peak achieved just five years ago.

The national cow herd is estimated at 4.4 million head, down from a peak of 5.28 million in 2005.


The federal government is spending 1.9 million dollars on an improved test to determine if Canadian flax exports contain unwanted traces of a genetically modified variety of the oilseed.

Small amounts of Triffid flax, which was deregistered in 2001, turned up in bulk shipments of the grain to Europe last summer.

The result was substantial losses for Canadian producers and grain companies when the European Union, which has a zero tolerance for genetically modified organisms, stopped imports.


What makes milk or meat organic?

After a drawn-out debate, the U-S Agriculture Department has significantly narrowed the definition to livestock that spend a third of the year grazing on pasture.

New rules say organic milk and meat must come from livestock grazing on pasture for at least four months of the year, and that 30 per cent of their feed must come from grazing.


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