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Frustration Down On The Farm


Farmers upset with lack of action from Agriculture Ministers.


An Ontario agricultural coalition is upset with a lack of action by provincial and federal agriculture ministers.

They met last week in Toronto but failed to address some of the problems of safety net programs not helping farmers.

Thornbury area apple producer Brian Gilroy is also the President of the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association.

He says existing aid programs are not working.

Gilroy also is critical of some of the policy decisions made by the Provincial government which he says is driving some people out of business.

He says if something is not done soon, jobs will be lost and certain crops just wont be grown in Ontario.


Consumer and farmer groups in 26 countries have signed a statement demanding that an end to the commercialization of genetically modified wheat.

They want to remind Monsanto that G-M wheat is not acceptable to farmers and consumers.

National Farmers Union President Terry Boehm says current experience with a de-registered G-M flax variety clearly illustrates the losses Canadian farmers will suffer if G-M wheat is introduced.


Agrium is anticipating a rebound in global fertilizer demand after finishing off 2009 with sharply lower profits and revenues compared to the final quarter of 2008.

Prices for fertilizer dropped sharply in the early part of last year as the recession prompted farmers to hold off on applying nutrients to their fields.

But the market for nitrogen and phosphate has been tightening recently, leading to firmer prices.

Domestic demand for potash surged in the fourth quarter, and the international appetite for that mineral has been strengthening over the past month.


The Canadian Wheat Board has created a dedicated channel on YouTube.

The board's web design manager Richard Martin says farmers are looking for new ways to get information.

Martin says YouTube is one of the fastest-growing websites, and ranks among the top four most popular sites in the world.

He says the board also is looking at other Internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook to provide information on marketing and sales to farmers.


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