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Study shows farmers access to 7.3 million spent a week on food.


Efforts are underway to try to get local consumers to spend more of their food dollars on local produce.

A survey done by the Local Food Project shows that people spend more than 7.3 million dollars a week on food.

Most of that is going to supermarkets and restaurants.

Freeman Boyd is the Project Co-ordinator and says it would be a huge boost to the local economy if they could get more of that money to the local farmers.

Boyd says this survey also shows how much food is produced locally.

It shows production exceeds consumption in only four food categories in Grey Bruce -- beef, pork, milk and apples.

Boyd says the data shows there is a serious deficit in the production of all fresh vegetables.


Federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers are to meet in Toronto at the end of this week.

Manitoba Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers says their priority will be to improve farm stabilization programs.

The ministers will be reviewing and discussing potential improvements to the Agri Stability, Agri Invest and Agri Insurance programs.


A poor growing season last year and increased orders could make it difficult for home gardeners to get seeds for the most popular cucumber variety and some vegetables this spring.

Farmers who usually grow different varieties than home gardeners aren't likely to be affected.

Demand for seeds soared last year -- as the poor economy and worries about chemical use and bacteria contamination prompted many people to establish gardens.


Archer Daniels Midland says its fiscal second quarter profit slipped two per cent.

While sales volumes rose during the quarter, that was offset by global food prices that have been dragged down from historic highs reached in 2008.

A-D-M is vulnerable to swings in food prices because it sells, ships and produces everything from raw soybeans to corn-based food ingredients and ethanol.



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