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More Urban Farms in Ontario


Urban farming is growing in popularity.


A lot of urban back yards are being turned into small farms.

There is a growing trend to turn backyards into mini farms on as little land as 500 square feet up to several lots of about one thousand square feed.

Harris Ivens is involved in the small plot intensive farming movement and says  SPIN is growing in urban areas.

Ivens says farming in the city means producers are closer to their markets, so there are savings in transportation and  they also are closer to processors as well.

He says however good planning is essential for a successful SPIN operation.


A new kind of canola may eliminate the need for some insecticides.

Researchers at Agri-Food Canada are developing "hairy'' canola plants that prevent flea beetles from feeding on the leaves and stems of newly emerged canola crops.

Scientists say it will still take some time to develop hairy canola plants that are ready to go into a plant-breeding program.


Manitoba sunflower growers have been granted emergency use of the fungicide Headline for controlling rust.

The National Sunflower Association of Canada and the province had applied to the pest management regulatory agency to be registered for emergency use.

Rust has been found in parts of south-west and south-central Manitoba.


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