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Older People Down on the Farm


Incentives to encourage younger people to farm is now working.


Incentives to encourage younger people to get involved in farming don't appear to be working.

Research shows only 5 per cent of those working the fields are under the age of 35.

60 years ago, that same number was 30 per cent.

Keystone Agricultural Producers spokesperson Rob Brunell says programs to encourage younger farmers need to be more versatile.


The federal government's new Slaughter Improvement Program is up and running.

The 50 million dollar program now accepting applications from farmers across the country.

National Revenue and Minister of State Jean Pierre Blackburn says this  program will make red meat packing and processing facilities more competitive and accessible to farmers across the country.

The program will make federal repayable contributions available to support investments made by the private sector and other levels of government in sound business plans aimed at reducing costs, increasing revenues and improving operations of red meat packing and processing operations in Canada.

Meat processing is responsible for 20.5 billion dollars in annual sales for Canadian livestock farmers.


Keystone Agricultural Producers says a plan for helping the hog industry needs to be developed this week.

President Ian Wishart says the government has options for helping hog producers without triggering negative trade reactions.

Keystone and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture plan to make a presentation at this week's meeting of federal and provincial agriculture ministers on the hog industry crisis.


Viterra says it expects average grain marketings in the 2009-2010 crop year based on current crop conditions.

The Prairie grain handler's current estimates assume continued timely rains and a frost free fall harvest period.

Viterra anticipates average yields in most areas of Western Canada this year.

The company notes crop development was aided by precipitation that was received over most of the Prairie region this week.

However, an area of west-central Saskatchewan and east-central Alberta is expected to experience significantly reduced yields due to dry conditions.


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