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New Credit Money for Farmers


Up to one billion dollars in credit available for farmers.


The federal government has passed new legislation to give new farmers, agricultural co-operatives and young farmers full access to 1 billion dollars worth of government-backed credit.

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced that Bill C-29 has received Royal Assent.

Ritz says the expanded eligibility for loans will help more farmers establish new operations and improve their farms.

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) -- formerly known as the Farm Improvement and Marketing Cooperatives Loans Act -- is now greatly expanded to allow beginning farmers and more agricultural co-operatives to take advantage of loans which is expected to result in an estimated 1 billion dollars in loans over the next five years. 

Farmers are eligible now for expanded loan guarantee limits of up to 500 thousand dollars which doubles the previous limit of 250 thousand.

New farmers are now eligible for loans that they were previously ineligible to receive.

Agricultural co-operatives with a majority farmer membership (50 per cent + 1 farmer members) are eligible for loans of up to 3 million dollars for the processing, marketing or distribution of farm products.

Loans of up to 500 thousand dollars are available to help intergenerational farmers taking over their family farm.

A new on-line system will be developed to improve the delivery of the program.


The 36th annual Pork Congress takes place this week at the Stratford Rotary Complex.

Hundreds of producers are expected to attend the show tomorrow and Thursday.

There are dozens of exhibitors for the industry trade show.

There is an invitation only meeting tonight with feature speakers that will discuss swine medicine and production challenges.


Canola growers may need to change how and when they apply weed control.

Agronomist Derwynn Hammond says weeds emerging ahead of or at the same time as the crop will cause the most yield losses.

He says if canola plant densities are low, more intensive field scouting will ensure effective weed control and prevent weed competition from hurting the plants' ability to compensate.

For crops under stress it may be best to wait for active growth to resume spraying.


The Canadian Wheat Board says farmers would benefit from a free-trade deal with Morocco.

Officials say Canadian farmers need to be able to compete against American grain sellers.

A free-trade agreement between the U-S and Morocco will soon give American sellers the advantage over Canadians.

Morocco is the second-largest buyer in the world for durum wheat.


The rain that fell over Alberta on the weekend is far less than what farmers need.

Producers are facing the worst drought in a decade in an area that extends between Calgary and Edmonton as far east as the Saskatchewan boundary.

Alberta Agriculture says if areas can get enough rain over the next few weeks -- it can still make the difference between a successful crop or not.


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