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Cattle Industry Resilient'


President of Canadian Cattlemen says industry will rebound.


A permanent home for the Paisley Farmer's Market is in the works.

Arran Elderslie Council has passed a motion to let the market use space behind the arena this year.

Councillor Mark Davis feels the market can be successful in this location. 

But Davis also wants to hear what the Paisley Chamber of Commerce has to say about the location. 

He wants to make sure local store owners are not concerned.


The president of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association says the industry is resilient and will survive.

Brad Wildeman is confident more markets will open soon.

There have been predictions that 40 per cent of Alberta's cattle industry could disappear in the next few years -- because of country of origin labelling and low returns.

Wildeman is more concerned about the impact a rising Canadian dollar will have on cattle exports.


The Canadian Crop Hail Association says premiums will go up this year in Alberta and Saskatchewan as a result of higher claims last year.

Manitoba rates are expected to remain the same.

The group also says many companies -- based on their claim history -- have increased surcharges for specific crops.


More farm funding from Ottawa.

This time -- the federal government will spend 5.4 million dollars on a new greenhouse and work area at a research facility in Prince Edward Island.

The facility will replace aging buildings and enable research on insect populations, plant breeding and health research on plants.


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