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Funding for Ag Research and Rural Canada.


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is weighing in on the controversial site 41 landfill in Simcoe County.

OFA Director Keith Currie says the landfill site is situated in the heart of some of the countrys best farm land and as such as the potential to severely affect many farm businesses, both livestock and cropping operations forever.

He says the new duup will be located on tope of ontarios largest aquifer with connections to Georgian Bay and the oake ridge moraine.

Currie says the OFA has long opposed the development of landfills when itmeans first class farmland is taken out of production.

A threat to the quality of drinking water aquifers in the area of a landfill is also something OFA believes shoul dhald the Site 41 plan.

The OFA says since Simcoe County's existing landfill capacity is good for at least another 20 years, construction of Site 41 should be delayed until the local source water protection plan is in place.


The Harper government says it will spend 158 million dollars over four years on research to develop new agricultural products and farm processes.

Agriculture Canada says the program is designed to shorten the time it takes for new products and practices to reach the market.

Officials hope it will also spur private-sector investment in Canada's agriculture industry.


Minister of State for Agriculture Jean Pierre Blackburn has renewed the Government of Canada's commitment to rural citizens.

He says the Canada Rural Partnership (CRP) will be continued through March 2013.

The 45.6 million dolalr investment over four years will allow the Rural Secretariat to work with rural citizens and their communities to overcome challenges and make the most of their opportunities created by the land.

Blackburn says the next four years of Canada's Rural Partnership is about results for rural Canadians.

Canada's Rural Partnership will focus on enhancing the competitiveness of rural regions, fostering the transformation of local ideas and untapped assets into sustainable economic activities, and facilitating the development of new economic opportunities from existing natural and cultural amenities.

Blackburn says the Rural Secretariat will work in partnership with non-governmental organizations in an effort to find creative ways to supply the critical services that rural communities need to prosper.


The Canadian Cattlemen's Association applauds a decision from Colombia to open its border to Canadian beef.

Colombia will be the first south American country to restore access to Canadian beef since the B-S-E crisis that began in 2003.

Currently, the Colombian market is estimated at 6 million dollars for Canadian cattle -- but that could grow to 20 million dollars in 12 years.


A barn fire east of Stratford has killed about six-thousand pigs.

Perth East Fire Chief Darrell Reis says strong winds blowing thick smoke prevented firefighters from containing the fire, which broke out Friday morning.

Soft land around the metal barn compounded the problem because fire fighting equipment couldn't be placed near the burning structure.

The farm workers inside when the blaze started escaped without injury.


Prairies farmers are praying for better weather this month, hoping that their crops will begin to germinate.

Although farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan have managed to put most of their crops in the ground, but some land is so dry, seeds are just laying in dust.

In Manitoba the problem is the opposite -- producers are dealing with too much moisture and low temperatures.


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