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Call To Eat More Pork


Canadian Pork Council urges Canadians to eat more pork.


At the Grey Bruce Livestock Sale in Wiarton a total of 641 cattle were on offer, 361 steers and 280 heifers.

A good sale with top quality grass cattle on offer.

Steers from 500 to 900 pounds sold from 93 dollars to 111.25.

In the 700 to 800 pound range, they sold from 109 to 131.

Steers from 600 to 700 pounds sold from 107 to 133

500 to 600 pounds were going from 113 to 134 and in the 400 to 500 pound range steers went from 121 to 130.

Heifers in the 700 to 800 pound range were going from 101 to 108 and heifers from 600 to 700 pounds were going from 97 to 111.

Heifers in the 500 to 600 pound range were going from 92.50 to 111.50.


The Canadian Pork Council is urging Canadians to eat more pork to help producers cope with the economic impact of the H1N1 influenza outbreak.

Council chairman applauds the Canadian, American and Mexican governments for working together to get international borders reopened to North American pork.

He says the Philippines, now that it has more information about the virus, will announce an immediate resumption of Canadian pork imports and he is hopeful other countries will follow suit.


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