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Push for farm registration fee


Farmers group wants increase in business fee.


The President of the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture is pushing for an increase to the farm business registration fee.

It has remained steady at 165 dollars for the past 16 years and Lorne Underwood says they want to increase it to 200 dollars.

Agriculture Minister Leona Dombrowsky says the farmers on concession roads support an increase.

Dombrowsky says she will not act on increasing the fee.


Canada's minister of international trade says a Chinese ban on Alberta pork over fears of swine flu is `disappointing and unwarranted.

Stockwell Day says the federal government is attempting to `clarify' the situation with China.

The flu was discovered in a herd of pigs on a central Alberta farm where it apparently was passed onto the animals by a worker who had recently travelled to Mexico.

Day, whose spokeswoman emailed his comments as he was boarding a plane for Latvia, pointed out that scientific evidence suggests people cannot contract the H1N1 virus by eating properly cooked pork.

He added there is no food safety concern related to the infected herd in Alberta.

Day says officials are talking to countries that have brought in or are considering a ban to make sure they have the scientific information to make an informed decision.


The president of the Canadian Pork Council has slammed China's ban of Alberta pork imports.

Jurgen Preugschas calls it a knee-jerk reaction.

China's official news agency says the country stopped imports of Alberta pork because of the presence of H-1-N-1 flu in a herd of pigs.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency stresses that eating pork does not pose a flu threat.

A spokesperson for Alberta's agriculture ministry says she is aware of the ban report, but is unable to confirm it


Ottawa is providing up to one billion dollars in loans over the next five years to farmers finding it difficult to borrow money.

During a visit to Saskatchewan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said most of the money will go to farm families and co-operatives not eligible for help under current programs.

He says farmers face big challenges during the economic recession and the industry needs help.

Rob Brunel, of Keystone Agriculture Producers, says expansion of the program will be a key to help beginning farmers establish their business.


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