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Tax Breaks for Farmers


Ag Minister touts tax breaks to help farmers financially.


Local farmers have a lot of questions about taxes.

The proposed harmonized tax rate dominated the discussion between farmers and Ontario Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister Leona Dombrowsky in Lucknow last night.

One question had to do with the GST rebate with the sale of farm land and Dombrowsky says no worries -- that will stay the same.

Dombrowsky notes the corporate business tax will also be reduced from 5 to 4 per cent and that too will help farmers.


Complaints from the pork industry have prompted health officials to stop using "swine flu'' to describe the H-1-N-1 virus that's threatening to become a pandemic.

Pork producers say that sales are dropping even though pigs aren't spreading the virus to humans.

But some officials say the rebranding may create more confusion than it clears.


Mexican migrant workers could put Canadians and themselves at risk of swine flu because of inadequate health insurance and the fear of seeking medical help.

The warning has come from a Spanish-speaking union worker who says the migrants need better government-funded health coverage while in Canada.


Canadian cattle producers say they're backing Trade Minister Stockwell Day's push for new talks on mandatory country-of-origin labelling.

Day says he will ask to meet with the World Trade Organization.

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says Canada needs to take this step.

The group estimates the labelling rules have cost producers as much as 90 dollars a head.


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