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Special Guest for Landowners


PC MPP Randy Hillier to speak in Keady tonight.


A special guest at tonight's meeting of the Grey Bruce Landowners Association.

Progressive Conservative MPP for Lanark Frontenac Lennon and Addington, Randy Hillier will be the guest speaker.

Hillier also is running for the Progressive Conservative Leadership in Ontario to replace John Tory.

That meetings takes place at the Keady Arena in Keady starting at 7 PM.

In addition, there will be elections for executive of the association as well.


Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz continues to talk tough with South Korea over beef trade.

Ritz has demanded Korea reopen its border to Canadian beef or face trade action.

The Koreans have not purchased any Canadian beef since May 2003 when a case of mad cow disease was discovered in Alberta.

Ritz says South Korea should follow in the footsteps of other countries such as Hong Kong and Japan.


The Opposition Liberals have accused the federal government of ditching an important Prairie institution.

Liberal house leader Ralph Goodale says the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration was set up to help farmers facing drought.

Goodale says it became internationally known for soil conservation, shelterbelts and water development.

He says the government has killed agency as a distinct entity and submerged it in some no-name section where it will wither away.


The Grain Growers of Canada has mixed feelings about the death of proposed legislation to amend the Canada Grain Act.

The bill would have seen changes to the role of the Canadian Grain Commission and the removal of mandatory bonding of grain buyers.

Executive director Richard Phillips says his group agrees the act needs changes, but he worries producers would be left vulnerable with the removal of the mandatory bonding requirement.


A professor at the University of Regina along with a company from Swift Current, Saskatchewan are joint recipients of an award for innovation.

Engineering professor Denise Stilling and Urban Forest Recyclers have developed a way to turn wheat and flax straw into a workable pulp that is vacuum-formed and dried in place to form disposable dinner plates.

Prototypes for beverage lids and beverage sleeves have also been completed.

Commercial scale development is underway.


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