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Grey County Couple Win Farm Award


Ken and Rosemary Mitchell of Annan have won the Ontario Pasture Award.


An Annan area Husband and Wife farming team have been awarded the 2009 Ontario Pasture Award.

It's handed out every year by the Ontario Cattlemen's Association and the Ontario Forage Council.

Ken and Rosemary Mitchell have 120 cow calf pairs on pasture and they finish their own calves in their own feed lot.

Mitchell says rotational grazing helps protects the grass.

The Ontario Pasture Award recognizes on farm innovation, environmentalism and superior pasture management.


Fruit, potato and hothouse produce growers who invest in field and traceability record keeping software are now eligible to get some of that investment back.

But there's not much time to apply.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has granted a request to add such software and tools to its list of food safety equipment covered for reimbursement under the On-Farm Implementation funding program.

But the program will shut down at the end of this month.

The total funding for specialized equipment or technical support is a maximum of 750-dollars per producer.


Plans will be announced in Saskatoon on Thursday about the creation of one of Canada's biggest farms.

The proposed four thousand square kilometre operation is the product of an unlikely marriage between some Bay Street investors and a group of aboriginal chiefs from Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Under the plan, 17 aboriginal bands will lease their land at market value to an entity called One Earth Farms Corporation.

The company would focus on sustainable, environmentally responsible land use, hire and train aboriginal workers and provide the bands with an equity stake in the firm.

The farm will be spread in pods of about 80 square kilometres across a huge territory, encompassing cattle ranching as well as grain and oilseed cultivation.

The project is being funded with 27.5 million dollars from Toronto-based Sprott Resources, whose CEO Kevin Bambrough says `there's tremendous opportunity in partnering with first nations.


As Americans embrace a new sense of frugality and self-reliance, more people have begun exploring growing and preserving some of their food.

Last year, 36 million households in the U-S grew food gardens, up 10 per cent from 2007, according to the Gardening Association.

That number is expected to jump by another 7 million this year, a fifth of whom will be first-time gardeners.

Sales are up for gardening and food canning supplies and for seeds, with some companies reporting 50 per cent sales growth.


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