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Keady Livestock Report


Results of Keady Livestock Market


At the Keady Livestock sale on Tuesday, a total of 1152 cows and replacement cattle were on offer.

Lightweight grass type cattle sold 2 to 3 dollars per hundred weight higher while heavier short keep feeders sold 1 to 2 dollars higher.

Steer calves from 400 to 600 pounds sold up to a dollar 37 per pound and heifers to a dollar 21.

Steer calves weighing from 600 to 800 pounds sold to a dollar 30 per pound and heifers sold from a dollar 4 to a dollar 13.

Yearling steers from 800 to 1050 pounds sold up to a dollar 12 and heifers up to a dollar.

Cull cows traded in a price range from 39 cents to 57.

At the hog barn 84 dollar calves were on offer selling at higher prices.

Holstein male calves weighing over 100 pounds sold from 75 dollars to 140.

Top Lightweight market lambs sold up to 2 dollars and 18 cents per pound.

At the small animal sale, Buff Brahma poultry sold for 5 dollars per bird while crested ducks topped out at 10.

Feeder rabbits sold up to 8 dollars apiece while ganders stopped at 10.


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