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Farm Safety a hot topic


Safety a priority for only some farmers.


The majority of Canadian farmers think safety is important -- but only 15 per cent actually have a farm safety plan in place.

That is the finding of a new study conducted by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

Executive Director Marcel Hacault says they also found farmers want safety training for children -- and the younger the farmer, the better the safety practices.

Hacault is also concerned about another finding in the study.

It shows two thirds of respondents work when tired -- which can increase the chances of injury.


The federal government is bringing in rules at the end of June to control how organic food is grown and processed in Canada.

To get the word out -- farmer training seminars will be held on the standards as they relate to organic crop and livestock production.

Certifiers and organic inspectors are to receive more in-depth training on the legal implications of the new standards.

Organic food processors will learn about rules related to food processing and labelling of organic products.


The group Farmers for Economic Opportunity says it welcomes a proposed Green Energy Act in Ontario.

The proposed law would allow producers of renewable energy to have the right to connect to the province's energy grid.

The group says that would give farmers the chance to sell power generated from windmills or from farm waste into the grid.


A month long drought in parts of northwest China is getting worse -- affecting 80 per cent of winter crops.

This comes after the national government declared an emergency earlier this month due to a drop in rainfall that caused winter wheat crops to wither.


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