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Maple Leaf Recall ends


Maple Leaf ends latest recall as earnings report is released.


The Ontario Independent Meat Processors have honoured West Grey Premium Beef.

The Durham area company was one of 12 winners at Ontario's Finest Meat Competition.

West Grey Premium Beef won for its Ontario's Pride Strip Loin Steak -- beating out almost 100 other products.

The entries were evaluated by food professionals in a number of categories -- including taste, aroma and visual appeal.


The Bruce County Community Pasture is looking for grazing applications.

The group has housed more than 50 thousand cattle during the last half century.

The deadline for applications is March 1st.

You can contact Pasture Manager Glen Wells for more information at (519) 366-2372.


Maple Leaf says a voluntary recall of thousands of weiners has been completed.

26 thousand packages of Shopsy's Deli Fresh All Beef Frankfurters and Maple Leaf Hot Dogs were mistakenly shipped out by the company.

It had been set aside over concerns they may have been contaminated with Listeria.

But the affected product is no longer on store shelves.


As Maple Leaf Foods recovers from another recall -- the company reports its recovery from last year's tainted meat scandal is progressing well.

The Toronto-based food processor says it lost 14.6 million dollars.

C-E-O Michael McCain says he is satisfied with the results -- and adds it shows the company can withstand extreme adversity.


Agrium -- the Canadian based fertilizer giant -- is making a 3.6 billion dollar bid to buy C-F Industries Holdings, a U-S fertilizer company.

Calgary-based Agrium says it will pay 72-dollars per share -- about a 30 per cent premium over the price of the company's shares.

Agrium calls the deal a "superb opportunity'' to build a major global agricultural franchise with combined revenues of nearly 14 billion dollars a year.


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