Country 105

Country 105

Ryan Griffiths

Afternoon Host

Well for starters I like long walks on sandy beaches... oops... sorry wrong website!

Well a little about me... been in this radio game for just over 20 years, so yes I've earned every one of the grey hairs starting to come in!  And I do call it a "game" because it's never felt like a job, as it's been a fun journey in this wacky business of broadcasting! 

If I had to name passions, I've got two of them.  I have a fondness for Hawaiian shirts with over 20 in my collection.  You can't really have too many of them!  Besides when I wear them for dinner no one can tell if I've slopped food on myself.

Secondly I have two cats... Daphne and Cal Norton Jr.  So needless to say I'm well on my way to being a crazy cat man!  Although some may say the trip to being crazy was a short one!




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