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Friday, January 11, 2019

SIU clears Orillia OPP officers.

Orillia | by Bayshore News Staff  
Man injured in 2018 after arrest at Orillia detachment

The Special Investigations Unit says there won't be any charges against OPP officers after a man was hurt at the Orillia detachment more than a year ago.
According to the SIU report, the 28-year-old went to the police station in January of last year and told officers he was cold and needed a place to warm up.
Police discovered he had an arrest warrant from Toronto, and when they tried to take him into custody there was a struggle.
Officers ended up using a taser and pinning the man to the floor. Later when he was in Toronto police custody it was discovered he had a fractured bone in his face.
The S-I-U director says police are allowed to use a reasonable amount of force when making arrests, and in this case he's satisfied no criminal offence was committed.

For the full SIU report click here


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