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Friday, December 7, 2018

Investigation Continues for Missing Chain of Office

Orangeville | by Jill Young  
Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown is on the hunt for the Chain of Office, which hasn't been seen in quite a while.

There's a mystery brewing in Orangeville.

It's the case of the missing Chain of Office, and Orangeville's new Mayor is just as stumped as everyone else.

Sandy Brown says he wasn't able to wear the traditional Chain of Office around his neck when he was sworn in recently, as it is nowhere to be found.

He says it's usually kept in the Mayor's office in a pouch, and had not been worn recently by now former Mayor Jeremy Williams.

Brown says he and town staff are in talks to possibly get the police to do an investigation on where the chain went, that is worth a couple thousand dollars at least.

He says he's "very disappointed" the important item is missing, and they'll continue to investigate.

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